Headmistress's Message

Dear Parents, Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching Staff and my dear Students, As the Deadly Coronavirus has taken the world my storm, all are living in fear and trembling. We feel lost and baffled by this dreaded disease. We put our trust and confidence in God whom we call Him as our Loving Father. We believe that what is impossible for man is possible for God. Let us therefore unite ourselves together with the whole world in prayer that our Mighty God will protect our state, country and the whole world. Let us protect ourselves by observing the laws and norms given by our country in order to prevent the outbreak of the virus and to continue practice the personal hygiene. Here is a piece of advice to the students during these days of lockdown. Make a time-table wherein you spend time with the nature, family and studies. Use self-study and read more to enhance your learning experience. Keep in mind that the time that is wasted will not come back. May God protect and shield you. This is my prayer for you.

Don Bosco