General Discipline

  • Students who are admitted to Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Diphu, will be under the discipline of the Principal, Vice Principal, Headmistress and other staff of the institution.
  • Students are expected to keep all the rules and regulations of the Institute in letter and spirit and maintain decorum in their behaviour on the campus as well as when they are at home. They will take care, not only, not to bring disgrace to the Institution but also to uphold its honour and prestige.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, conduct injurious to the moral tone of the Institution justify dismissal at any time of the year, unless a student after having been admonished, corrects himself/herself.
  • One whose sickness is liable to be injurious to other students may be asked to discontinue.
  • No act of indiscipline and insubordination, interference in the administration, disrespect to any teacher, and disrespect to any religion or community by any student shall be tolerated. Misbehaviour of any sort will attract disciplinary actions, according to their gravity, in the form of fine, suspension, and even cancellation of his/her registration as a student at the Institute.
  • Anyone using unfair means in Tests/Examinations will be debarred from further examinations. He/she will be declared to have failed and may even be expelled from the Institution.
  • Any misbehaviour of serious nature that has become public knowledge is liable to bring about suspension or dismissal, even though it took place off the Institution premises.
  • Any damage done to the Institution’s property must be made good by the pupils.
  • Strictly forbidden to use of tobacco products, alcohol and drugs in the campus.
  • Mobile Phone.
  • Those wishing to take Transfer Certificate during the year must clear their dues up to the end of the academic year.
  • All fees are subject to revision.
  • All terms and conditions set forth in the prospectus are liable to be revised whenever necessary.
  • For the well-being and smooth running of the Institute, the authority may ask the guardians to withdraw their wards from the School without assigning any reason thereof.
  • Cultural and co-curricular activities are conducted in the School. All the students must take active part in them.
  • Catholic pupils are given religious instruction. A regular course of moral instruction is imparted to all the students.